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重要的: The v858威尼斯人com office is open! We are currently open Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.
We are also available by phone (509-682-6860) or email (


v858威尼斯人com is designed to meet interests beyond the classroom through co-curricular 活动. These 活动 and services enhance the learning that occurs inside the classroom, as well as play an important role in student retention, academic success and cognitive development.



骑士Kupboard Omak

奥马克同学们好! Come check out the Food Pantry in 政府 building downstairs in the Student Government Office Room 120A, ASWVCO is here to serve you. 如果你愿意 like or need anything added to the pantry please contact: 



大家好,WVC骑士! The growth  group is for students interested in the developing skill such as self regulation, identity exploration, stress management, resiliency, 和更多的. The 成长小组 meets every Monday in Van Tassell room 5015A from 12 pm - 1 pm. 

变焦 option is available:



本地的 Heritaage Month 23

本地的 American Heritage Month

Please save the date!

On Thursday November 16th, v858威尼斯人com Valley College at Omak校园 Life 多样性 & 包容 is happy to present a 当地的获奖 本地的 Hip Hop artist, Jamerson Cheer of RL Family 为了纪念 本地的 American Heritage Month. 

The performance will be held at the Omak PAC, 20 S Cedar Street or streamed live on the v858威尼斯人com Valley College Facebook page:  v858威尼斯人com Valley College | v858威尼斯人com WA | Facebook





Living Voices: Hear My Voice

In recognition of Women’s 历史 Month (March), the Associated 学生 of v858威尼斯人com Valley College at Omak (ASWVCO) are hosted a 变焦 panel based on the Living Voices film “Hear My Voice” from 1-2 p.m. 3月4日.


新型冠状病毒肺炎 Vaccination Info Session

Are you wondering about the safety of the new COVID 19 vaccines? 你想问吗 questions of a medical professional? Nursing faculty member, Meleah Butruille, hosted virtual information sessions.


预防自杀 Event

Speaker Joshua Rivedal presented on overcoming mental health barriers and preventing 自杀.



Virtual 毕业 Information Session

Learn all you need to know about graduation 21! 




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